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Simple and stunning ready-made logos for your start-up or rebrand




Your logo is important. It’s like your businesses’ astrological sign, dating profile and curriculum vitae all in one.

It sets the tone, creates your brand atmosphere and tells your customers who you are and what they can expect from you.


Not everyone has the budget to invest in a custom-made logo or brand assets for their biz.

And not everyone has the design skills and know-how to create a visual identity that is both memorable and persuasive.


Featuring a suite of minimalism-inspired ready-made logo designs and brand assets, Shop Hanmade gives you the chance to have your cake and eat it too.

It’s the easy and affordable solution for businesses longing for a distinctive brand identity.



How it Works


Choose a design

Scroll through the Hanmade shop ready-made logo collection and choose the design that best matches your businesses’ brand style and personality.


customize it

Now, we’ll make it yours! I will tailor the logo to suit your business and then send you a proof to approve.


share it with the world

Once your logo is approved, you’re ready to launch your businesses’ new look! I recommend toasting to your success with a glass of bubbly.



The Hanmade difference

Ever shopped at Ikea and fallen in love with something on display … only to bring it home and stare in dismay at three million put-it-together-yourself pieces and one very vague instruction guide? Yep. Me too.

And I’ll be honest: buying a ready-made logo from some other design shops (I won’t name any names, but it rhymes with ‘Betsy’) can feel a lot like that. But that’s not the way the Shop Hanmade rolls.

Unlike other pre-made logo shops, I will custom-fit your logo to your business, ensuring your new logo looks its very best. No graphic designer tools or knowledge required! You’ll get a ready-to-go logo in a file format you can use across web, social media and marketing material. It’s like a custom suit for your brand; tailored to fit, unerringly stylish and guaranteed to fit like an extremely elegant second skin.



What you Get

All logos shown in the set

black, white & a color of your choice

JPEG, PNG & EPS formats

What you can add

Business card design

Social Media Profile imagery

custom color palette



Don't see anything you like? Tell me what you'd like to see & leave me feedback here!


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