I’m a graphic designer based in Sacramento, CA. I specialize in simple yet meaningful branding and graphic design for businesses searching for distinctive visual identities.

I design and deliver: 

Visual branding & rebranding (my specialty!), marketing & sales collateral, website design, social media visual content & templates, packaging & promotional material, and editorial & magazine design.




My story


My professional romance with graphic design began shortly after I graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Fresh out of college, I was lucky enough to get a job working at a small design studio called November Press.

Luckier still, I found myself working in the coolest co-working space ever, where I was able to soak up design knowledge and strategy from – what I believe were and are  – some the world’s most incredible designers.

From there, I was picked up by Drybar to work on their

product design team, where I had an amazing time working with design powerhouse Cameron Webb (creative director) and his team of extremely talented designers.

Which brings us to August of 2016, when I relocated to Sacramento, CA and started Hanmade.

Hanmade is exactly that; made by me, Hanna Ray!

A graphic design studio where I work with businesses from across the globe to craft iconic and original branding and designs, Hanmade offers simple design solutions for stylish and creative brands.



the process


01 / Define

The research stage: Let’s start by defining what success looks like for you. I’ll deconstruct your design needs before methodically and meticulously researching your business, industry, niche and target market. Once I’m sure I have everything I need to create a solution for your success, I’ll move on to the next stage.

02 / Design

The creative stage: This is the fun part. Now I get to channel all of that research into original design concepts that best represent your style and brand vision. Cue creativity and a lot of caffeine. Once I’m sure I have created something aligned with your unique business and goals, I’ll give it a polish and prepare if for your oh-so excited eyes. 

03 / Deliver

The feels-like-Christmas-morning stage: My client’s favorite part of the process … when you get to see the design concepts I’ve crafted for you! You’ll get a chance to request any tweaks or changes and then, once everything is approved and ready for the world, I package and deliver the design assets to you.


Check out some design work I have defined, designed and delivered.

Or get in touch to book your design project.